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Our city is, and always has been, surrounded by a large dome. It have kept us self from the outside but now we are under attack from outside the dome. So we must tear down the dome so that we can flee and resettle.

Destroy The Dome is a game with the main goal of destroying the dome and widening your peoples horizons, before the nasty intruders destroys the city. You play as a god of explosives who magically does not damage the city.

How to play:

You destroy the dome by detonating explosives on the top of the screen (you will notice when the domes hp decreases). I also recommend using the keys to change between weapons.

Made for Ludum Dare compo 38 in 48 hours.

Install instructions

You need to have Java installed to run the JAR file


DestroyTheDome.jar 7 MB

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